Saturday, January 03, 2009

Houston, We have a Baby! 9 lbs and 21 inches long!

I got a call last night at almost 2am from Paul saying that Ang was admitted to the hospital and they were going to give her pitocin (sp) so it would hurry the labor because she was very tired. Then Paul called me this morning around 7 am and said that he was born at 6:14 (I think...on no, now I can't remember!) So anyway-Angela had the baby!!! I haven't gone to the hospital yet, but maybe they will be ready for me this evening! I just went shopping and got her a boppie and some other stuff too! So now I'm just cleaning house and chilling out until I have to go pick up Ally. She and her friend are at the Ice Palace. Hopefully when I go to pick her up, I can also go to the hospital.

I apologize for my craziness with my page lately. I'm just now figuring it all out and I want to change the way my page looks. I just can't find anything I like enough! So ignore my page if you come and it's a complete mess! :)

Okay, I'm going to go watch Mason skate on his new skateboard! He spent most of his Chistmas money so that's good! I really don't like going up and down every isle of WalMart for an hour! haha.

Healthy Baby Boy Costanzo (name is still a secret!!!!) Born January 3, 9 lbs, 21 inches!!!! I will be posting pictures for SURE!!!

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