Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rock Band

Today Mary and Ashley came over. I made some shrimp, salmon, and chicken on the George Foreman because it was too icky outside for the real grill. We sat at the table and TALKED for like 5 hours! Ashley thinks we covered all major conversation topics; politics, religion, and sex. While playing Rock Band, we got Mary to sing and she was GREAT! She was a little surprised that singing could be so fun!

Ashley was her normal serious self during this event and totally rocked out after we downloaded Sin Wagon by Dixie Chicks! I'm so glad that they came over. I had a great time. Having events on the weekends really helps to pass the time while we impatiently wait for the guys to come home! So close, yet so far! GRRR! Now, I'm off to relax in my bed.
Thanks for coming Mary and Ashley! Can't wait to do it again... Hopefully we can squeeze in another day before the guys get back! Then, when they do get here, we will OWN them! YES!

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