Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Can't I Blog Everyday?!

I THINK about blogging everyday, but something always happens. I used to be so good at posting everyday! Now I've turned into a Friday blogger for our themed photos. I'm going to try to get back into it! Once again...

Shall we play catch up again?
So... yesterday Ally wanted to go have her hair cut! She showed me a picture and I thought it was just too much for her. I pay a lot of money for her hair to be done every 3-5 months (straightening), I did not want to have her hair cut so short that she would hate it. So we came to a compromise and this is how it turned out. I think when it's straight, it look a little punk... but still... it's cute. This was an "at home" photo, so I let her wear her make-up like this. I think it actually turned out really cute!

Last night we went to our Family Ministry Group. I had so much fun! We played Scattagories until about 11:30. I am NOT used to staying up so late anymore and this morning, I had the biggest headache! I'm going to miss all the people we've met at our church! When Daniel was on his 6 month deployment, we really kept busy doing things with them.

Daniel recently found out that he screened for XO early. There is a board that meets and in the "first look" about 20% screen. Making it on the first look means that you've done well.. So we're proud of him!

I have been searching houses online like a crazy woman! I am so excited about buying a house I could just scream! While all of our friends bought houses along the way, we always held out for "THE" house! Now it's time to buy one and I can't wait! We are still waiting for orders, but have put together some plans here and there. If everything goes like we want it to... (HAHAHA)this is what we're going to do.

1. Get orders!!! Man! Our hands are so tied until this happens! I wish we could have them TODAY!

2. Pack out Household goods, and my car. (I will have to drive D's car and drive him to and from work)

3. Go on house hunting leave -Kids get out of school on June 23 so we'll hopefully go after that

4. Find the most incredible house and price EVER! hahaha

5. The kids and I stay stateside and wait for closing, family reunion in P-cola, visit, etc.

6. Daniel comes back here and turns over house to the Landlord.

7. He will live at Paul and Ang's house if he needs to- they will be gone. :) Thanks P&A! D will ship his car when he's finished with it here.

8. We close on the house, he comes home (hehe.. home to our new house) and that's it!

Of course there are a million things to do in between all of these things... but this is the goal!

I've been reading a great book called "The Unofficial Guide to Buying a Home" by Alan Perlis and Beth Bradley. It's a great book! We have another that it full of checklists! I love checklists! We are trying to get a better understanding of it all before we jump in and regret something. We also get lots of suggestions and pointers from friends. The best I've heard so far is to go back at night time when everyone in the neighborhood is home to see what the neighbors and everything is like! I'm trying to put together (of course I am) an itinerary of things we have to do and things we should consider/not forget, etc. We want to document the entire event and make an album out of it. I really want to blog about it all... we'll see if I can do it.

We've been having a huge craigslist garage sale! We're trying to just get rid of things we don't need or won't need anymore once we move.

We've decided to only have 1 television in the house now. I think I might be ready to just have NO TV at all. Maybe just something for movies and Rock Band OF COURSE!

Okay I'm finished playing catch up! I'm going to start my water post today too... hopefully. I can't believe how much it's been raining here! Kapolei is so dry! But now I don't have to water my grass!!! yay!


Strawberry Girl said...

Great catch-up!! :D

House hunting, what a fun, fun thing to be doing. Congrats!!

Kelly said...

Thanks Strawberry Girl!

Ashley Hlavaty said...

Yeah for Daniel getting screened early for XO! That's exciting! I told Blake and he said, "I figured he would. He's awesome at everything he does!" We're so excited for you guys!! Moving and buying a house will be so much fun. If you guys are ever passing through Arizona and need a place to rest come by our place! We'd be happy to have you! Take care and keep posting!! We miss you guys!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy house hunting! How exciting!
I never catch up!