Monday, June 15, 2009

Ally is sick today:(

Ally is sick today! This is only like the 2nd time she's ever been sick. Poor Ally! She's home today so she doesn't spread germs all over school! With swine flu going around, the schools say just keep them home! Hope she feels better soon. She is not a happy sick person! It makes her mad that she has to be sick! She has banquet coming this Friday too! I will finally be allowed to show a picture in her new dress! She's a fashion diva so she doesn't want anyone knowing what she's wearing until the night of! hahaha.

I have been letting orders drive me crazy! Our orders were supposed to be here already! They were being held because of the EFM paperwork.. now, they just aren't here yet. I have been really ready to move for like A YEAR! So this move cannot come quick enough. So today, I'm finished looking for orders online, I'm finished worrying about it and wanting it to happen! It will come when it comes and all will be fine!

So today, I'm going to Office Depot in Kapolei to get a new planner notebook! Mine stops at June and it's really messed up! I love office supplies so much that I'm actually excited about getting a new planner!

I'm also going to Target to see if they have the book we looked for last night (on our married date) by Emeril. Emeril will be at the NEX tomorrow for a book signing and to promote his new cookware. Mason really loves cooking and being the half homeschooling parent at heart, I'm letting him skip school to do this. I think there are little moments in life that we never forget. I hope this will be one of them. If it's not, we can make up the 1 day of schoolwork and it will all be fine.

Then I'm going to Home Depot to get paint brushes so I can touch up paint throughout the house and finish up some projects around here. This will make me feel like I'm doing something in preperation for the move!


Amy said...

Pouty lip :o(
I'm sorry Ally is sick. And I'm sorry you didn't get orders.

Chele said...

I hope Ally is better soon. We are in the wait to move at the end of the summer mode as well. Once we find the house near the new project our life will move and warp speed. lol

I've homeschooled my sons the past 8 years. My oldest just graduated this May and starts college full time at the end of August. Jake will graduate May 2010. It's been adventure that we've all enjoyed.

Ihope those move orders come through soon!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Feel better soon Ally.