Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Projects and Our First Visitor!

Since we moved into the house, I have wanted to put up a pot rack that I bought before we even closed on the house. So a few weeks ago we took down the light fixture over the island in the kitchen and started to hang the rack. Then we realized that there wasn't a truss behind the ceiling to mount the rack to. It was there, but it wasn't centered over the island. The rack is not that heavy but once I put all of my pots and pans up, it would be. So I called my Dad and asked him what to do. He's really good at home projects and building things... So he said he would build a board for us to put up over the island to add support for the rack and that would also make it centered. He came to visit us on Tuesday night and brought the board and his tools and went to work!

I'd like to say I helped a lot, but really, I didn't help much at all!

Dad painted the board first. He said for the type of wood it was the paint would bring out all the rough pieces of the wood, then you could sand it.

After painting it once and then sanding it, we painted it again. He said to use a roller so you couldn't see brush strokes in the paint. I was totally thinking of doing it with a brush.

After the final coat, we let it dry for about 3 hours.

Daniel and Dad put the board up and started to get the wiring for the electric done. There were some issues with that, but they figured it out and I went to bed! HeeHee. I had a long day that day! I mowed our new SOD and It looks great! Our yard is HUGE and we need a riding lawn mower!

This is the rack. We put it on a table next to the island so we didn't have to hold it while the electrical stuff was being done.

I was getting so impatient! I just wanted it to be UP! I had no idea it would be such a big project-

We still haven't found the right light bulbs for the rack. These hang out of the fixture. But I really love it! We have two holes that are left over from the previous light fixture. We're going to put hooks in those and then attach the left over chain from the rack and that will hang down for us to put more small hooks on and it will be used for ladles and spoons. It's a good way to cover up the holes and it will also be functional!

Dad left this morning and got on the road back to Florida. It was fun having our first visitor! We played lots of music together!

Today, my plan is to dig up one of the pine trees in the back yard and plant a fruit tree there. I got a pear tree that I can't wait to plant!


Ashley Hlavaty said...

That is one awesome pot rack! I love it!

Kelly said...

It's awesome Ashley! I got it Lowe's for $150. Great price!

Amy said...

It looks great!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I am loving that! Great job.