Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Goodies!

Well, I've been so busy! Sunday, the 13th I turned in two finals that have been looming over me for 9 weeks! I am so burned out with school! I decided to take *another break:) I now have until February 8th to catch up on all of my hobbies!
I've been learning a new song on my keyboard for Christmas. I'm learning one of my favorite songs, Hark, The Harold Angel!

I have gotten 24 Christmas Cards done and about 30 more to go! I took our own Christmas pictures this year and I think they turned out okay. There's a shadow that I couldn't seem to get out!

I am a Pampered Chef consultant now and I love it so much! I love to cook and I love to teach other people how to do things in their own kitchens! I will be meeting with a group of woman once a month to share ideas and techniques. It's a great way to meet people and you can put as little or as much effort as you want into the business! I held my first show at my house last week and I closed 4 shows this week- 3 of them catalog shows.

I have finished decorating my house and I have fallen in love with it all over again! I've been shopping for the family here and there. Virginia is beautiful and cold; so Christmas-like! Yes, that's my big head in the picture. LOL.

I found out one of my bestest friends in the whole world is moving here last week! I'm so totally excited and can't wait for her to get here!

I'm reading a book called, The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren (A Purpose Driven Life Author). It's a small book and I started reading it while getting a new haircut!(another thing I just did) It's a great read and so right-on. I am pleased to say that the church we found is amazing! We've had 3 Sundays of Christmas Carols and Christmas sermons! I just love it. It's also close to our house and has a great youth program.
Last night we went to Ally's Christmas Concert! It was beautiful! The show started with the song, Come Let Us Adore Him. All the kids walked slowly up to the stage from all around the auditorium holding little candles. It was completely dark and at one point there were kids circling the entire place in the dark with their candles singing Oh Come Let Us Adore Him. It was awesome!

When we got home, and it was late, I made cookies for Daniel's crew at work. Daniel bought me this submarine cookie cutter from the Dolphin Store! I love it. So I made Gingerbread Submarines! I sent him to work today with Sugar Submarines and Gingerbread Submarines with MILK and cups!

So that's my catch up. I hope to blog more... as always! Thanks Ashley for always encouraging me to blog. I love doing it, I just get caught up! Merry Christmas!


Ashley Hlavaty said...

I absolutely love the sub cookies! How cute! And it sounds like Ally's concert was probably pretty moving! How awesome! I'm glad you guys are doing well out there!

Ashley Hlavaty said...

Oh and your kids and home are BEAUTIFUL!

Laura Hotchkiss said...

now that i have a blog I feel you, it's hard to stay updated too!