Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Food and Cooking of Thailand Cookbook Recipe #1

I have been wanting a Thailand cookbook and Daniel got me one for Christmas. It's a great book! I've been making quick whatever meals for a week or so now. So I decided tonight I would make my first recipe from my new cookbook. I wanted something easy and not too crazy for my first recipe, so I chose Cashew Chicken.

Daniel started carpooling and comes home late now, so I had to go get Ally from practice and then reheat dinner :( This made the vegetables not so firm. But it was delicious! Mason said it was his favorite dinner I've EVER made. He likes spicy! This was spicy, but not too bad. I'm glad I took the seeds out of the peppers or we would not have been able to eat it. This dish gets 3/5 stars from me:)

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