Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Vera Bradly and Daniel Jones in his Honda Civic

I had bible study today with my awesome group of ladies! During our study somebody mentioned this book by C.S. Lewis- The Screwtape Letters, so I thought I would go get it at the book store. I also found this bible in CHRONOLOGICAL order! I have a goal of reading through the whole Bible this year! This is a great way to do it!(It also makes great sense to me that it's in ORDER!) So I got that too and on the way out this Vera Bradly called out to me and so I had to bring her home with me! Isn't she CUTE! I just love it. I don't think I'll ever be able to get away from the "tote". I have too much junk to carry!

Interesting story- This morning our car insurance people called. It came up on the caller ID as an 800 number so I didn't answer. So as I'm listening, I hear a woman say she was calling about the accident Daniel was in yesterday. A person called in the accident and they needed some information from us. So I called right back and informed the lady that Daniel had NOT been in an accident. She said her records indicated that Daniel Jones, in Chesapeake, driving a Honda Civic had been involved in an accident yesterday at 4pm, he had rear ended this woman and she called it in. I was put on hold and I called Daniel on my cell phone TO MAKE SURE I wasn't crazy! He said NO, he had not been. So come to find out, there is another Daniel Jones IN Chesapeake that drives a Honda Civic and he rear ended a woman that called it in with only the name, the make of the car and city! Not my Daniel! How weird, huh? Daniel and I thought we were going crazy!


Ashley Hlavaty said...

Love the tote! I just got a Vera Bradley purse for myself! And how crazy about the Daniel Jones mix up! I doubt there are many other Ashley Hlavaty's out there. What do you think? ;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Not a big fan of VB. But C.S. Lewis that is another story!
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