Monday, April 12, 2010

~Spring Time~

This morning, I felt the itch to blog! I grabbed my camera and took a picture of my CUTE little cup that I won at Bunko a few weeks ago.
I have lots going on now with school, church, kids, etc. I'm so thankful to be busy though.
We just got back from Florida for Spring Break! It was a great visit! BUT I FORGOT my camera at church on Easter! I had another camera, but the battery was dead and I just never got around to taking pictures. I still had lots of school work going on and I just enjoyed my grandparents too much for pictures.
I am hosting a table at church for a Ladies Tea! While I was at my Granny's house, I went through some junk of hers and came across this little treasure! I cleaned it up just enough to know that I could get it be pretty (still much cleaning to do), but here it! I don't know if I'll put water in it, or use it as a center piece to hold flowers or something. We will see! It's a great little set though! I'm still trying to figure out a theme for my table. What fun! Although, I'm a little stressed; the Tea is during the week of my finals :(