Friday, August 20, 2010

What if our image of the Christian were to change? What if we were to really seek the Lord's idea of how we should be a Christian? Would it line up with what we have seen, heard, or experienced from Christians around us?

If Jesus said that we should "shine as lights amidst the world's darkness" (Matthew 5:14-16) do you think we do a good job of that? And if we do, why are being told we're really just "on fire for the Lord"? Is this not what Christianity is supposed to be? Is this not what the Bible tells us over and over? And will these Christians that are so "on fire" soon fall from the excitement and love they have for God?

What if the image I have of how a Christian should be is all together different from your idea of how a Christian should be? What if the Christians I have been exposed to in my past look like they're "on fire for the Lord" all the time? This "on fire for the Lord" statement gives me the impression of a Christian who has been falsely pumped up at some pep rally for God. And I think this is true. If we let *people pump us up and get us all excited for God we will soon fall from the adrenaline ... sort of like the effect of an info-mercial. But if we let God do it, I don't think we'll fall. If we design our walk just as it's laid out, this is how the Christian will be. That's exciting!

What if living on fire for God is just my way of being a Christian? Well, it would certainly explain a lot. You see, I won't ever think that what I'm giving is "good enough". I will never come to a point in my life where I think, ya know God, here it is ... I think that's good enough for you.

No way!

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