Monday, January 24, 2011

A Mother's Testimony

The Daniel fast is over! I did it! What an adventure! I did not think I would come out on the other side as changed as I am. When I really decided to put more effort into my relationship with God, I began to see so much that he had in store for my family.

As many of you know, we decided to change churches during the Daniel fast. I think that might seem a little sudden to some people, but believe me ... God knew what he was doing.

I started to feel a sense of urgency about my family. I felt like I needed to make some serious changes in my life. A few months ago I began praying about it all. The new year was coming and I felt like I needed to get things in order. At the time, I was volunteering in the kids ministry, setting up our portable church, tearing down our portable church, , volunteering in the church offices twice a week, and also attending a bible study on Tuesdays, choir practice on Wednesdays, and band practice on Thursdays. I know, that's a lot! I loved every bit of it though! But God began to speak and tell me to stop doing so much. For my family's sake, I knew it was the best thing.

I sat down and went over every detail of how I spent my time, how I was growing, how I was effective, and how God was using me. I began to pray and tell God, 'whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Even if it means quitting all that I love, I know that your plan is good. I'll do it. I trust you. Just tell me.'

I attended a meeting with my son's teachers and found out, once again, in the past few years he wasn't learning what we wanted him to be learning. He wasn't thriving in the environment he was in and hasn't been for quite some time. The thought of home schooling came to mind, but I quickly dismissed it. I begged God, please don't make me do that! I've been down that road and it was hard! But a friend told me one day, "If God wants you to do it, he'll give you the desire to do it." I thought, "Oh, Good! I don't have the desire, so I'm safe!" Little did I know- I went to Oklahoma for Christmas and over time HAD THE DESIRE TO DO IT!

So I came home thinking, Thank you, God! This is why I cleared my schedule! This is great! Oh, but God wasn't finished! I still had a sense of urgency when it came to my daughter. She's almost 16 and will be driving soon. She'll be in college in 2 years! I feel like we haven't equipped her with all that she needs for the real world. My real fear was that she didn't know enough about God. I didn't feel like we were equipped enough to teach her. We as parents are baby Christians. We didn't raise her in church. She doesn't have a solid foundation. I was scared.

I brought this all to God. This was right in the middle of fasting. I was seriously searching! And God told me to "move quickly" from our home church. I told my husband, Daniel, and we kept praying about it. He came to the same thing. I quickly remembered telling God, 'whatever you want, I'll do it.' But this? Really? Surely not! But we kept being prompted to do so. A friend told me about another church and Daniel said we should go.

The first Sunday that came, I went to another church with my friend without the kids, without Daniel. They stayed home that Sunday. Then Wednesday night, we all went together. It seems great. Then the next Sunday I went with my friend and the kids (Daniel went out of town). That morning I was blown away by God's presence! As we took our seats, an usher came and lead the kids to sit in the front with the other youth. I liked that. The service was amazing and when the pastor made the altar call, my daughter went straight forward and received Christ into her heart! Praise God!

I will never again have doubt when God asks me to do something! I will not question, 'was that You, God?' Because I have heard His voice! I don't dare imagine what would have happened if I had not been obedient. People, God speaks! And we had better be listening! I believe that there was an appointed time for this to happen. I believe the Holy Spirit was urging me and preparing me for months. When I look back I can see the thread that tied it all together. Thank you, Lord.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed reading this. What a great testimony! I laughed as I read "whatever you want, I'll do. But this? Really?" I have said those very words lately :) That's wonderful that you listened.
Praise God, indeed!

Mary Angeline Ross said...

Amazing! 'All your children shall be taught by the LORD,
And great shall be the peace of your children' (Isaiah 54:13)

Anonymous said...

Kelly! I loved this! You are so right when God speaks we MUST listen, no matter how hard a decision. It was very hard for us to leave our church but when we left we knew that God had led us! We feel a fire that had been going out get rekindled what an awesome feeling to feel the Lord fill you with the fire and passion that we now feel again! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Love you girlfriend! Anna Lisa