Thursday, September 01, 2011

Who does God say I am?

Often times I have found myself in a room full of  people that have no idea who they are. I try to mingle and start conversations with people-only to hear them talk about material possessions, the weather (that's a safe one), or most often, women talk to me about their husband's careers. I never hear about who people really are!

I'm not judging them, because I can remember being the same way. As a young officer wife, I felt out of place many times. But when I think back to that time now, I'm glad that I was uncomfortable in those places. Because to be comfortable in not knowing yourself is pretty dangerous as I now understand who I am. 

What I believe I'm seeing is complacency in conforming to a subculture. To be complacent is a feeling of security- and we tend to stop the meaning there. But in the definition complacency also means; while being secure, we can also be unaware of potential danger.  

Is there danger in not knowing who we are? I say YES! The danger is letting others tell us who we are. People (human nature) begin to quickly define for themselves who we are whether or not we have expressed ourselves in this way or not. They start to 'put us in a box'. The problem comes when we find ourselves constantly trying to climb out of their box- OR WORSE ...We don't even try to climb out at all! 

Maybe we like who they think we are.  
Maybe 'being accepted' in this subculture is worth losing our true identity.
Maybe having a 'place' in our box is comfortable, secure, cozy...   

Have you ever been around people and someone said something that you didn't really know anything about, but you pretended to know? Why?

Have you ever acted as though you were 'spiritual', but are really confused about how to be spiritual all together? Why?

Have you ever agreed with someone's thoughts on a subject you have never even researched? Why?

Do you follow someone's teaching blindly without seeking God yourself? Why?

This is how we throw our identity away. We no longer seek Christ for answers, we just conform to the people around us.

We sometimes think that because things are going great and we are comfortable that life is good. We can even be fooled into thinking it's a Godly life and we are just blessed. Why would we think otherwise? We've  been living in a box- a comfortable, tiny,controlled environment. 

What would it be like if we decided today,
'I'm going to be myself!
I'm going to be who God made me to be! 
Even if people around me think I'm crazy. 
Even if people around me have never seen 'this me' before, 
I'm going to take hold of everything God has for me, 
tear this 'box' apart getting out of it, 
and run as fast as I can to GOD who tells me who I am, 
and find out His purpose for my life.'

Who does GOD say I am?
The answers are here. You can print this pdf file and put it on your bathroom mirror as a reminder. 

What did God create me to do? Find the gifts inside of you- that God wants you to unlock here

If you are not a believer and would like to begin to know who you are in Christ you can start with The Sinner's Prayer.

Authenticity begins with the discovery of who you are ... but is fully developed by understanding Whose you are. 
~ Mary Angeline Ross

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