Thursday, August 23, 2012

Around the House

Well, I've been sick and since I can't keep still even when I'm sick, I thought I'd blog what I've been up to while stuck in this house. I created a new office space! I like this arrangement ... Mason has his little space, I have mine, and we're all happy... (well, it makes the mom in me happy). I still need to do something to the windows...

I also made a tv/reading room in the front room. I'll post some pics when I think it's cute enough ;).
I guess I've been busy even though I haven't been feeling well.

This underway has been so long it seems! I can't wait for Daniel to get home! I found some pics of him on my SD card the other day and it was like a surprise to myself! Ha!

Speaking of which .... I also bought this book today! My friend, Crystal, wrote it and I can't wait to get it in the mail and read it! She said I would relate to the book because my husband is always gone. So if you're a military wife, I'm sure you'll like it, check it out here. The book is also at Amazon and on Kindle! <--- Love that!

And these are the cookies I didn't bake (or boil long enough) with Charlie in the background who has been stalking the kitchen all day ;)

*They are misshaped because Ally wanted them to be done in a hurry so we put wax paper on top with  lunch box ice packs to cool them quickly. They taste good. That's all that matters!

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