Thursday, December 11, 2008

My "One Friend, Kelly"

Thoughts for the day... Being a military spouse drawback #542. When friends leave, it sucks!!
Today I went over to my friend's house to help her get packed out. They are leaving and going to a war college in Arkansas. We have been through so much together while living here. When she tells other people about me, she refers to me as "my one friend, Kelly". So now she calls me "onefriendKelly" haha. She has been really busy while living here and her husband has really been through a horrible time with is job. We met in CT and moved here together. She sort of vounteered to be my mentor while I attended Seminary. She taught me so many things and is the only friend that I've had that plays music and sings too! I love that! We play the keyboard and guitar together and also attempt to sing ANYTHING (Christmas Carols in our opera voices!) together! Today we sang Christmas Carols for the movers and they loved it! Since we are complete hams while we're with each other, we loved it too! I am sad that she is leaving, but I'm happy that she gets to move on- Not to mention she gave me really pretty dishes and flatware! hehe!

While we were playing music and having a good time, Ally called me and said that Mason had called 911! Emergency 911 called back and she explained that it was her little brother! grrrr! Oh, the stories I will have to tell his wife and kids!
By this time I was tired and ready to come home. I came home, we had dinner and hung out for a bit, and now I'm ready to relax!
This is her "man blanket" playing Xbox.. those people online are his friends:)

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