Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Corkscrew anyone?

Thoughts for the day... things always work out even after you've played out the outcome a million times! What you get will be nothing like what you thought, and what you get is usually better than you could've hoped for.

Today was a very productive day! I had to take my POA to PSD to get a copy of Daniel's orders and page 2. I then took that to the housing office so that we can be put on the housing list! We are officially on the housing list! We are not officially staying, but he can extend until September and we can see how things are going with schools, housing, etc. Then we can find out if we want to stay or not. I think that will work! I just hope Daniel can extend that long.

So after I got home, Mason was coming home from school and had his little friend Garrett at the door AGAIN! He's not supposed to bring kids over after school and he has been getting into trouble for this every school day for over a week. Then it's a big fight and he's upset and his homework time is completely ruined. He had chores to do and was really upset that he had to do them today. But after he got started, he was fine. This is Mason doing his laundry!

I decided to cook dinner and wear my new Santa Apron. It's so cute!

And then I decided to be all Brea Vandecamp and have a glass of wine. So I got out a bottle of wine and could not find a corkscrew!

So...hahahaha- I used a pumpkin carving knife and that did nothing but sink the cork. Wine squirted all over the place AND the cork came BACK up! So I tried again more gently to sink the cork and it worked.

If you look closely at the apron you can see where it's wet!

So now, I am having my wine with little bits of cork here and there! Now, is that Brea Vandecamp (Desperate Houswives)? Better luck next time I suppose.

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