Tuesday, December 09, 2008

When your long day is over...

Today is my first official blog here at blogger.com. I have been blogging at Myspace for a while now. I started a little while ago and then never really kept up with it. One of the wives from our wardroom, Ashley, has a blog that I love and so she really inspired me to keep it up. So, I decided to try to keep up at Myspace first and I committed to a week. I have done really well with that so here I am! Thanks Ashley!

Thoughts for the day... when life is interupted it can make you look a little harder at all the things that make your life so meaningful.

Today I had a doctor's appointment and had to have an ultrasound of my breast to see if there was anything abnormal and as it turns out, everything is fine- Thank you Jesus! After my appointment the day seemed to drag on forever because I did not sleep last night at all. I wasn't scared or nervous about the appointment, I was just restless after finishing my paper and having so many things to finally think about. It's funny that when you finish a big project you can't even decide what to do first! I was really excited! haha. I was very tired and didn't take a nap. I played my keyboard that has been calling me for a week! I love to not play for a while though because when I go back I think of a million new things.

Around 1pm I began to get restless and really wanted a beach day with some drinks and friends!

I've been missing my friends a lot lately because I'm trying to decide to stay here or move back to the mainland. BUT--- I think I have my -Bestie- talked into coming HERE! YAY. I hope she does! hint hint! If she comes here, I will so stay!

Picture: I was in Jimmy mode today!

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

Welcome to blogger Kelly! I'm super excited to read your blog! I'm going to add it to my blog! This way when Blake and I move to the mainland, we can still keep up with you and the family!