Saturday, December 13, 2008

Change Of Heart

Thoughts for the day... Why did I think that I wanted to stay in Hawaii? Was I smoking the pipe? Wake up, Kelly! Last night I was researching schools and housing and all the details in moving into base housing and staying in Hawaii. I'm going to have to play magician to stay here and move into base housing. Sometimes if you manipulate things too much, you never quite get what you want in the end. I am not going to worry about this anymore. I know that we will be here long enough for me to finish a semester of school(just a couple of classes), so that's all I'm going to focus on. I am ready to get off of this island! It is time to go! If I could just eliminate the worry of my kids' education, I would be a new person! How about let's just not chance it at all and move back to the mainland! YES! I've emailed Daniel and told him all of my new plans. He probably thinks I'm crazy! I reminded him of being on shore duty and getting to watch football again-only here, he would have to watch the games at 6am! My landlord called and has decided to rent the house out for another year also. I will just live here month to month until we move. No pictures of anything today. Hmmm. I didn't really do much today anyway!
I can't wait for Angela's baby to come!!!!! I could be getting a call at anytime! So exciting!

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