Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tornado in Hawaii?

Thoughts for the day... I will miss Christmas in Hawaii (if we move).

Christmas in Hawaii is really nice. I think with the lack of cold weather and snow, the island makes up for it in other ways. Also, people in Hawaii are more openly spiritual I think. People do not have to be politically correct here when it comes to Merry Christmas v. Happy Holidays. It seems that most people here believe God and are not moved by the judgements and PC-ness of others.

I went to the kids boat Christmas party today. It was really fun. The rain was relentless and there was a tornado spotted on Kauai (not this island). The rain didn't stop us from having fun though. The kids made frames for pictures that were taken and printed there, they made bracelets with christmas bells, and had some snacks and drinks. It was really cute. I forgot my camera AGAIN! I have been slacking with pictures lately. I got to have great conversations with a few of the wives- that was nice. We drew for first hug and Trisha won.

I also have a new do- I have curls. I will put a pic up soon.

I just heard the rain start again! WOW- atleast I don't have to water the grass!
That's all I have today... I know pretty boring...hehe. I think tomorrow we are going to use the new cookie decorating stuff I got at the FRG meeting. The kids will love that! I plan on baking for the 2 nice neighbors I have. haha!

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