Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Sundays

Thoughts for the day... A good Sunday equals a good week!

We had a great weekend because I wasn't worried about school. After church, we came home and did some chores and watched 7th Heaven -like 4 episodes! We went to dinner at Outback and came home to get ready for the school week and everything. That's why I love Sundays- It's like a big planning day for the whole week -and I love to plan! I think Sundays can predict what kind of week I will have. If I've had a good planning day, the week will usually run very smoothly! I feel bad because I'm going to start going back to school and I won't have these weekends (so carefree) with the kids for a while again. Hopefully, I can balance things a little better this time.

I got flowers yesterday from Daniel! I was really excited, but the dumb people called to tell me about it instead of it being a surprise! I hate that. This time, I got tropical flowers with bamboo shutes!! They are beautiful!

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