Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards Bring Christmas Cheer!

Today, we went out to run some errands and get a few last minute Christmas items. We got Grandma a digital picture frame- we're hoping she doesn't already have one! When we got home, Mason checked the mail and we got lots of cards from family and friends. Christmas cards are one of my favorite things for Christmas! Mason opened his card from Grandma and found a one hundred dollar bill! He freaked. I knew what was in it, so I had the camera ready!

He was so amazed that he got it! He said when he grows up, he will be able to tell his friends that when he was little his grandma gave him a one hundred dollar bill! haha.

Ally also got one and will add it to the money we are giving her for Christmas to buy herself a new cell phone. She told me that a new cell phone is a teens dream! Everyone will come back to school with a new cell phone and she is so excited to be able to have one now.

Thanks Grandma!! We love you and wish that you could be here this year with us!

Nana also gave the kids money.
Her money is for each of them to buy something for the other- also a lot of money but I guess a check is much different than cash in hand!

They are in total shock to be given so much money!
I shall have a great time taking them to spend it!

And Daniel, your mom sent us some money too! I'll spend it for you:). It was only like $5... yeah, that's it... $5. So no need to feel like you have to spend it right away. ;)

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