Sunday, January 04, 2009

Donte Kali'i Costanzo

We finally got to see Donte' this afternoon. He is the cutest little baby ever! Mom is still very tired and Dad is so very helpful! The delivery was a little rocky and there were some concerns because Donte', the football player boy, has huge shoulders and needed some help from a talented nurse coming into the world! As the hospital staff saw that there was trouble with the baby's shoulders, she jumped up onto Angela's belly and pushed! That had to be a little scary! So with the nurse's help, Donte' made his grand entrance!
Mom, Dad, and Donte' will be going home tonight where they will have tons of help from Angela's family!
I can't believe it has finally happened! Paul and Angela have really become like family to us over the years. Paul and Daniel have shared the same career path for about 9 years now. Paul and Angela have been through so much in last few years and I'm so happy to finally see them experiencing the joys of parenthood! We love you Paul, Angela, and Donte' !!!! (Not sure of the spelling... let me know)
And so tomorrow is back to school for my kids and I can't wait! I think I'm going to do NOTHING all day! haha! OR I could put all my Christmas junk away. It's all put away, just not put back in the attic. I could do that...
What an awesome day! I just love babies!

Donte' Kali'i (Paul) Costanzo is the most beautiful baby boy in the world!!!!

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