Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Bremerton Lei

I went to an FRG meeting tonight and we made the boat lei for homecoming. There was also a guy there to talk to us about Navy stuff. He was nice and full of great information!

Mason cooked teriyaki beef on the grill tonight! ! I marinated the meat and he cooked it! Ally made rice and they had a great meal tonight while I went to an FRG meeting.

At the meeting we made the boat lei for homecomeing. I've never made one, so it was a really fun thing to do with all the girls from the boat.

This is Laura. She was a big help with the "procedures" in making the lei. She's an engineer and she rocks!

Ashley was really good at ripping the pieces instead of making the knots. Just kidding Ashley! Look how long this thing is! Twenty-eight feet to be exact!

I was able to play with AJ! He is such a cutie! He was bursting with smiles and I loved every minute of it!
My neighbor, Linda, is always finding these great deals on Craigslist. I have never had any luck when it comes to finding deals. I don't know what it is! So I just had to share with you my new find on craigslist! I have been looking for a roll top desk. I found one a couple months ago, but when I went to get it, it was total junk! But because I am so co dependent, I bought the dumb thing anyway! I have been really mad about that. So I gave that one to Ally and I decided to look for another and this is what I found for $200! It comes apart in all these really cool ways and it cannot be more perfect!

And lastly... I promise I'm almost finished- I got my new phone today and I love it!
Oh-one more thing! I am finally part of the "Twilight" craze! I will begin reading the first book tonight! Ang- tell all your church girls that I'm reading it, finally!

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Anonymous said...

Bria read all the books in 4 days when we just went to Arkansas for Christmas. She loved them.