Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sweet Wadinga

African Hands-

I was reading a blog earlier that made me think of Wadinga Wadinga. He does surgeries in a little village in Nigeria. He sent pictures to me that would break your heart. He used to send pictures and update me on the progress in his patients. For some reason, I got too busy and even though I think about it, I don't write to him. He is very driven in his work and has to work in such harsh living conditions while still saving lives. He's really quite amazing. I really need to write to him and might do that tomorrow!

This is a letter he wrote to Angela and I sometime last year.

Goodmorning Kelly/Ang
This is saturday afternoon 1:05pm in maiduguri.the sun is so bright and shining.The skies with some clouds.its the rainny seasons and the weather is good temprature range 30-38 degree celcius.Sun set is colourful and beautiful,sometimes with rainbows in the sky.It always reminds of the story my dad use to tell us on the farm of the rainbow as a sign of the promise made by God to mankind never to again flood the creations of his hands with water like the days of Noah.but to wait for the end of all the living both small and great to be judged. Everywhere is green.
It is cooler at night with the moon and the stars so bright and could count the stars here.with fresh air blowing.
It will not be so in the next will soon be a harsh and dry weather with dust blowing all across the norh Afriaca through the sahara desert reaching us-sand storms,particles of sands cover everywhere that is in the open.It seeps in through the tinniest holes in your cars and homes.

Mosquitoes are everyhere in the wards office homes the open even as iam writing you this mail i am constantly moving my legs to make sure they dont bite me.. i laugh.Its no longer a problem,We keep treating malaria all the time.
There are so many reserviours for mosquitoes,everywhere you go and the weather is suitable for them.poor drainage,gutters not covered.The government doesnt care though.Children take the worse consequences of malaria and believe me many die.Maiduguri is the best centre to study malaria's effect in human.

Remember,Nigeria is the 6th oil producing state in the world.But sometimes kelly I shed tears to see Children, young people doing nothing on the streets,just go out and you can get up to a thousand children at a whistle blow. At night you see them sleep under trees.With millions of mosquitoes over them.

We are all fine Wandama,Jerry,Danielle are all saying hi.on this beautiful saturday.
The wadingas

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