Wednesday, February 11, 2009

San Francisco Trip- Part IIII

Finally, my favorite part of the trip!
The old churches and buildings were my favorite part! I could take pictures of just that all day and I think I sort of did actually! There are so many! I think during the entire vacation I took around 1500 pictures... so here are some of my favorites and if you have questions or comments, you know what to do! Here we go!

We had lunch here and it was really good. Daniel got this HUGE plate of seafood, Mason got a huge pizza, Ally and I had this really spicy pasta, the service was amazing and it only cost like $32! This was a great find!

We rode a cable car (not a trolly) up and down very steep hills in the city! It was great! I still like Trolly! I guess the locals don't like it much though.
Stay tuned for Alcatraz!


Ashley Hlavaty said...

Oh my goodness! Your are getting really good at your new photography hobby! Awesome pics!

Maybe I'm a goober, but this post made me emotional seeing your family all together again. I'm so happy for you guys!

And now I MUST visit San Fran and see those amazing buildings!

Amy said...

I LOVE the picture of the man. So amazing.