Friday, March 13, 2009

Our First Night with Stanley

I'm a little sleepy this morning! Stanley did great last night, but I was just worried about him and didn't sleep like I could have. If Dave (Stanley's Dad) is up for another night, I am too! I think he'll be just fine here. Stanley really got close with Daniel and wanted to lick him to death last night. I finally realized that he likes to sleep UNDER the covers and once that was established we got some sleep. Around 3:30 am he was up and was walking around the room and shaking his collar around. That woke me up, but I just made him get back in bed and settle down and he went right back to sleep.

He never went to the bathroom last night and didn't have an accident either. I got up this morning and took him out and he finally went pee. We took Mason to school and then I fed him and gave him water when we got back. He's as happy as can be! OOPS-Okay, I think I waited a little too long after breakfast to take him out. He did some poo on the floor. We will get the hang of it though. Dave didn't tell me if he was on a certain schedule or anything. So today we will have one! This makes me want a dog so badly! I can't wait!

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

Yeah! I'm glad Stanley is doing well at your place. He's so sweet (when there aren't girl dogs around). And your right about him jumping. He got on the couch so easily considering how tiny he is! I hope it keeps going well!!