Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daniel is home, but Stanley is gone!

We have been a little busy lately and I have been too tired to blog at night. So to catch up a little... Daniel is home from sea! They were only gone for a week, but it seemed like forever. This was their first underway since they came home from deployment. After they came home we had to give Stanley back! I was a little happy to be finished with dog-sitting, but I really miss him. The kids got really attached to him- So did I! I miss little Stanley!

Mason gave Stanly this little dog to play with.
He played with it everyday!

He tore the nose off at about day 4, I think. And by day 5 it was nothing but cotton! We had so much fun with him! We miss you Stanley! (I'm sure he reads my blog)
I went to Punchbowl Cemetary today to take some pictures. I have never been, so it was really cool to go. The kids hate cemetaries and Daniel doesn't like them either really. So it was nice to finally go to a cemetary and walk around and take my time looking at all the stones and everything. I have this weird love for churches and cemetaries. I will post pics soon.

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