Thursday, March 19, 2009

A day in the life...

Stanley fell asleep while Mason read to him.

Stanley gets a bath! He smells great!

Daniel always makes fun of me for liking old video games. So I made him play while I took a picture of him!

This is Mason's homework folder. At the bottom (the part covered) is where his teacher and I write each other if we need to. Mason cut this paper and put tape on it today. When I removed the paper and tape, I found crayon coloring very hard to mark out something the teacher
wrote. I scratched the crayon off and it said, "Please remind Mason to keep his Bakugan toys at home. Thanks."
So Mason just got these little toys and I told him if he takes them to school, I will take them all away! Needless to say, They have been taken away. What touble he went through to hide this note. hahahah!

Stop the madness! Everyone is on the computer!

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