Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preperations for Sub Ball

Now that the kids are off to school, I'm finishing my frap from The Bean, and have cleaned up after the morning rush, I can breath easy and make a list of to-dos.

  • Buy shoes for the ball

  • Make a hair appointment to have my hair done

  • go tanning

  • try on dress and see what jewelry will suffice

  • get laundry done for the weekend at the Hilton (YES!)

  • start packing and making a list of things we cannot forget (to make a list on my list? oh Lord!)

  • Get groceries- things to also bring to the hotel; Drinks, snacks, etc.

  • Make individual lists for the kids (here I go again)

  • Remind Daniel to pick up medals and uniform from cleaners or do it myself

  • Follow up with Susan Page modeling on photo shoot card -Thursday might work!

  • make plans for "Friday Shoot-Out photos- Theme: Native Foods (this will be a fun one here in Hawaii!) I will definitely have to get the lumpia stand at K-Mart and the strip in Pearl City that looks like little China!

  • Cancel my Sprint account

  • Cancel Rhapsody

  • Gather entertainment for the kids for when we're at the Navy Submarine Birthday Ball (how fun, I can't wait!)

  • Leave out all the chores that aren't fun because it doesn't look appealing to anyone, Kelly. :)

It's been a while since I've posted anything... so to catch up...

Ally's photo shoot results are in and the photos are really great! under Allysia and "model" for the passwords will let you gain access to the photos.

We still have no word on orders. I think the detailer has put us on the back burner for a bit. That's okay though. I have a feeling our choices will be fine and we'll get something great!

We spent the Easter weekend with friends, Paul and Angela. Of course I got to get some pictures of Donte'! He is starting to warm up to me a little more and I think that's great! Maybe no more jokes about how he hates me. He sort of screams at the sight of me usually... so I'm thinking a gentle whine or cry is a step in the right direction. :)

I got an iPhone and I think it's the most amazing device ever created! I have never felt like this about a little gadget before, but this device makes me feel like "Apple gets me". It is so simple and easy to navigate. They had me in mind, I promise, when they made it! I am working on a blog app so that I can blog from my phone as well. Apple iPhone gets ***** and 4 thumbs up!

That's really about all that's happened other than the fact I have been sick! This sickness has been my enemy for almost 2 weeks now! I'm beginning to think that I will never hear properly again. I never know if I'm talking too loud and I can't hear what people say! It's not good! hahaha.

I will be posting some great pictures ... maybe even later today. I hope you take a look and enjoy them. I'm so excited about the Friday Shoot-Out!

Thanks for the comments and Get wells!

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Kim said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and making such nice comments! You have a lovely blog as well; I'm looking forward to seeing your Friday Shootout Photos!

On a side note, any recommendations on which island to stay on and which town to stay in? My husband and I are planning to go in October...any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!