Sunday, May 31, 2009

Donte' Comes to visit and Ally babysits!

Tonight was so fun! Little Donte' came to visit! Donte' is already a world traveler, but coming to see his Auntie Kelly has to be better than Ireland anyday! This is a picture of Donte's Passport!! I blurred the info.. just to be safe... I can't believe at 3 mos this little guy has a passport. I didn't get one until I was 25!

Paul and Ang wanted to see a movie (Star Trek) and so Ally was the babysitter! She did a great job! She even changed a diaper! Donte' feel asleep in my arms for over an hour and it was so sweet!

While Paul and Angela were here we had to "show" them Rock Band! They have never played!!! OR even seen anyone play! i know... Crazy!

Ally holding Donte' ourside... We were playing with the camera so this isn't a great picture. She did earn enough money to buy her beloved Sims 3 on Tuesday! Oh how we've been waiting for this day! ;)

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