Monday, June 01, 2009

Sundays, Naps, and Shopping

Well, today was a a full day. I got up super early this morning so that I could clean up the kitchen from last night. For a small BBQ we sure had a HUGE mess! After everyone woke up, we got ready for church and I attended my LAST women's bible study. The group is taking a break over the summer and because of construction won't be having classes. I'm going to miss these ladies so much! The teacher is the pastor's wife and she is just an incredible teacher. She has taught all of us so many things! I'm always the one in class asking a million questions and so she told me today that she loved having me in her class because I kept her on her toes! (My questions are really off the wall sometimes:) She's getting ready to go on a trip to the mainland and I might be gone when she gets back. The last few times at church, I keep thinking that soon we'll move and I'll have to find a new church! While I'm excited to be leaving there are many people I will miss!! Hopefully, I won't compare the new to the old too much because I think I'd be disappointed!

So after church we went to Taco Del Mar for lunch- one of our favorite places! Then we did some shopping and finally came home. I had a great nap today! I haven't had a nap for like 5 months! It was great! Then we finally got around and went to dinner at a chinese place that we haven't been to before! We live right down the road from it but always assumed the kids would hate it. We went and we ALL loved it! That always happens... we find a great place right before we move... Anyway, that's about all that happened today! BUT I BLOGGED!!!! hahaha. I'm just trying to stay in the habit! Thanks Ashley for posting great pictures of the Cathedral for me!

I didn't take any pictures today... Off to get some sleep.