Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finding a Travel Agent

I wonder if other people catch up on blogging all in one day...

I explained before how a friend of mine wanted to be my real estate agent and I just didn't feel comfortable... So after stressing about finding a real estate agent for weeks, I go on the dependents cruise and Daniel gives me a note card that has an agent's information on it. He said that he talked to the CO (I think) and was referred to a woman in Virginia Beach, Karen Honore. I was so glad to hear that someone we knew was actually referring us!

I called Karen and she quickly filled me in on her real estate career. She was raised in the area and has been in real estate for many years! She has two children and understands the concern moms have when it comes to choosing the right schools. She was very nice! She explained how she knew another military family that had also used her in the past. She has a long line of experience when it comes to military moves. She couldn't be more perfect!

In our books, I've read about how important it is to feel completely comfortable with your agent; but yet not too comfortable because that could allow you to be persuaded or manipulated by the agent very easily. I totally agree! I was just about to start asking around for recommendations from friends and then this popped up at the perfect time!

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