Monday, June 22, 2009

On the GO GO!

This is THE DRESS that Ally has been so excited about. It's a very cute dress. I was a little critical about the length, but all dresses looked short on her because she's 5'9"! I did make her wear cheer bloomers/spanks underneath though. She had a really good time with her friends. I'm glad there are things she's able to do with them now. She will miss them!
Bye- bye Saturn Outlook! We almost have one car turned in. I'm just waiting for the people to call and set a time to pick it up. So today, I need to clean it and get all of my stuff out of it. Once we have proof that we have turned it in, we'll buy my new car in Chesapeake! We did finally get to test drive the Prius! It's much bigger than the Insight! The back seat has more room and it has a much nicer interier! It has a push button start and Park button. The gear shift is really cook too! And I can't forget that it has a cubby to put my purse it!
Navy Federal gets a BIG BOO from us! In the process of dealing with Navy Federal for our mortgage, I found them to be rude and really demanding of what they needed from us- and not to mention time-consuming! They said Daniel had to be living in the house within 6 weeks of closing or we couldn't proceed with the loan. I thought this was insane! And not being sure of him being there, I was not about to enter into that deal! Military people buy houses all the time and go to sea for 6 months! I just don't get it. It took almost two weeks to get any information about our mortgage, and we still weren't even close to being finished and they hadn't even given us a pre approval letter or good faith estimate! When I told them nevermind, they were magically able to appove the loan and offered to send me paperwork right then. I hate dealing with people like this. IN THE BOOK it says to stay away from these people- while I know that Navy Fed has a great reputation, they were not the bank for us! We have two other banks that we're thinking of using and will make a decision when we put in a contract on the house we want.

We have still not heard from the landlord about what we're going to do about the deposit they owe us. Still seems a bit shady. We'll see what happens. I turned in a 30 day notice, so our last day here/Daniel's last day will be July 9. I think I'm flying out sometime this weekend, maybe Monday. The kids and I will be there first to look for a house then Daniel goes on househunting July 3 - July 8. Then back here to turn over the house. Then he'll go stay at Paul and Angela's house until he goes to sea. After he checks out, he'll be on his way to VA with us! We're hoping he'll be available for closing. Since submarines are a bit out of touch with the world, we're hoping we can arrange something... like a miracle! haha.

So anyway, these are the crazy things going on with our 10th move in 14 years. WOW- I just figured that out and I think it's crazy!
1. Titusville, FL- Orlando, FL
2. Orlando, FL- Goose Creek, SC
3. Goose Creek, SC- Auburn, AL
4. Auburn, AL- (Daniel-Pensacola-OCS) then to Goose Creek, SC again
5. Goose Creek, SC- Kingsbay, GA
6. Kingsbay, GA- Bremerton, WA
7. Bremerton, WA- Goose Creek, SC
8.Goose Creek, SC- Groton, CT
9. Groton, CT- Pearl Harbor, HI
10. *Pearl Harbor, HI- Norfolk, VA*
September will make 15 years in the Navy! So it's possible that we move 2 more times times before he reaches the 20 year mark. If he stays for 30, I wonder where we'll go!? EEEEK!


gigi said...

It must be the people at your Navy Federal. Ours in Kingsland are great and no other bank could touch that good of a mortgage. Sorry some people have to be such jerks.

The dress is darling on that beautiful daughter of yours.

Ashley Hlavaty said...

First of all, Ally looks beautiful!

Secondly, I had no idea that you were leaving so soon. I talked to Mary today and she said you would be heading out this weekend maybe. WOW! Good luck with the move and please please keep in touch! :)

Chele said...

The dress is cute!

You've moved as often as we have and we are a military family. My dh is in commercial construction management (SKANSKA) and we move every time he gets sent to a new project that is more than two years. We are headed to the Orlando area at the end of this summer.

Smooth move vibes!