Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Days Away!

Oh My Goodness! I can't believe that we're really about to leave the island! I've been packing and doing laundry and trying to keep things organized. It so isn't working out that way! My house is a mess!

Wednesday- I took Daniel to work so I can have the car! So glad I did that! The pre-move people come to see what they will need to move our household goods. I will use today to finish packing our suitcases and run errands. I think we may also do something with Paul and Angela tonight too! YAY!

Thursday- The packers come and will be here all day and I'm going to dinner with the wives from the wardroom to say goodbye. We're staying in a hotel (I think) but we don't have firm plans of where. Daniel is trying Lockwood Hall this morning sometime.

Friday- The packers come and finish packing and loading the crate! My house is never too big for needing more days than this! I'm proud of that! hahaha. I get rid of anything we don't need quickly!! We are also staying in a hotel this night too... somewhere.. not sure where again.

Saturday- Our flight from Honolulu to Chicago leaves here at about 4:20pm. From Chicago, I fly into Norfolk, VA. I don't have many plans for VA in place at the moment. I'll work on that today! I'm planning to stay with friends there. But I think for the first night I might be more comfortable at a hotel. We'll see. My ride from the airport is Kevin from First Team Toyota in Chesapeake. He will be picking us up from the airport in our NEW PRIUS! Now, that's service! I'm worried that our bags and us won't all fit! I'll have the weekend to lounge and learn the area.
On Tuesday, our real estate agent, Karen, will be showing me some new houses! I can't wait! I will for sure be taking lots of pictures of the houses. I think I need to buy a little mini laptop for uploading my pictures and everything. I haven't sold my old one yet though! I have been trying to sell it on Craigslist. Okay, I have a million things going on... More later.

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