Sunday, June 28, 2009

Virginia Arrival- June 28, 2009

I think I'm still in shock! It doesn't really feel like I actually moved. I feel like we're just visiting. I think it may set in once we have a house to live in. To catch you up, this is Thursday while the movers were at the Kapolei house.
The packers left my piano for last! It was in my room...

Then they moved it downstairs. I played the piano all day while they were there. It's not everyday movers get live entertainment while they work ;). I got requests too! We had a lot of fun! This is what Angie and have always done while we were getting moved.. play music and sing! The most popular song for the day was Piano Man by Billy Joel. The movers-locals- had never heard of BILLY JOEL! WHAT?

When we were finished on Thursday, we booked a room at the Navy Lodge on Ford Island. I got there and got dressed QUICKLY so that I could meet the wives for dinner. We did a little farewell dinner at Hickam Air Force Base. They do Mongolian BBQ on Thursdays and it's so good! I got my pretty platter and said goodbye! It was so sad. I hated leaving, but I was also glad to move on and get back to the mainland!

So after we were finished at the house on Friday, we went to Stacy's house to have dinner! It was really good and we love hanging out with them! Then we had to drive to Kailua and pick up Ang's car that we were borrowing.

The next day, Ally had taken a turn for the worst... she was sick! So we took her to a Saturday appointment on base and got lots of meds!

Then we turned in the G35! No more cars! I actually had no keys left on my key chain!

Before I knew it, it was time to go to the airport! Daniel drove us in Ang's car to the airport and we were OFF TO VIRGINIA!

Once we arrived to Norfolk, Kevin, from Toyota met us there and set us up with a loaner car. We left the airport and drove to our room at Oceana Air Station. We unloaded, got lunch (at SONIC -that we LOVE). Once we all ate and showered we were really tired so we took at nap. I woke up a few hours later and decided to go get my new CAR!!!

This is the building that our room is in. Although it looks really old and icky, the rooms are really nice. I actually have a new definition of old and icky though... have you seen the pictures from the camping trip to the N. Shore? Yeah... this is 5 star compared to that!

My new Prius has got to be right up there with my iPhone! It is just awesome! I'm so going to name her, too. Yes, it's a girl! I think a good name is Kortana! That's super geeky (from Halo) but I think I like it! She even talks to me! haha.

By the way.. I'm blogging via my new netbook! I sold my big laptop, so Daniel bought this one for me while I was having dinner with the wives! I love it! It's so perfect for traveling! I think I'm officially spoiled now! Oh, wait... after the house! Then I will be Spoiled ROTTEN!

And one last thing.... I saw fireflies! I totally forgot about fire flies! I love them. I got eaten by mosquitos while trying to get a picture, but here it is! haha. That's one little firefly!

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

I'm glad you guys made it safely to Norfolk! I still can't believe you guys are there! How exciting! Good luck finding a house! I'll be checking your blog often to see how it all goes!!