Sunday, July 26, 2009

Four- Wheeling at Uncle Galens

The kids were dying to ride! I was terrified! I grew up doing this .... I have no idea how I did it! Our parents must have been crazy! I let my brother give me a ride... I thought I was really going to die. It was really fun though! I didn't get many pictures bacause this was NOT the place for a camera! The pictures of the kids are what they looked like when they got home! Ally woke up the next morning and said she was ready to go again. Everyone was sore! My brother, Galen, even wrecked his brand new 4 wheeler! He's okay, but we were worried for a few hours. He hit a branch in a creek that got hung in his 4 wheeler and stopped him- he went flying over the handle bars! Scary! I was glad when they were finished riding for the day. I've been to the hospital on days like these... (sigh) so I know what happens. Especially when mom and dad aren't LOOKING!
On to my next topic! I seem to get things done faster this way! I've got to get this done so I can talk about TODAY!

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