Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trips, Grandparents, Camping, and 4-wheeling! Part I

So here I am again, after thinking I would totally get to blog every night and I would be keeping up with my blog all through this move... no such luck! So I'll be playing catch up!

So we found our beautiful house in Virginia! While I was in VA, I stayed at my friend, Amy's house. She happened to call me the day before we were to fly out from Hawaii and say that she was going out of town and that we could stay at her house while she was gone. It worked out perfectly because she was gone the entire 10 days we needed a place to stay. Daniel joined us for 5 days of house hunting and then went back to Hawaii for a deployment.

We left VA to visit my friend in Kingsbay, GA! This was a 9 hour trip. We stayed there for a few days and had pedicures and let the kids play together. The weather was stormy and I LOVED every minute of it. In Hawaii we didn't get thunderstorms, so it was really nice!

We left GA and drove on to Titusville, FL. This was only 3 hours of driving! Ally and Mason got to spend some quality time my Granny and Papa! Mason even said to me, "Mom, I didn't know Granny was so fun. But after you get to know her, she's a blast!" That made me feel so good because I've always wanted them to spend more time with them!

We went to church with Granny and Papa on Sunday morning. My grandfather doesn't pastor this church anymore since he has retired, but they are both still very active in the church. We are very proud of our Papa! He is an Elder, a Bishop, and just recently earned his Doctorate in Theology at the age of 83! These people do NOT stop!

Papa made us tea and served a great southern meal that Granny cooked! Southerners love their cornbread and sweet tea!

Granny is very much into her heritage and has traced our family back to the 1700's. She loves her pictures!

Granny and Ally looking at old picures... of me when I was little.

This is my brother, Galen, and me when we were little. I love this one!

Mason had a great time with Granny and all of her crafty projects. Granny paints beatiful pictures! So we all sat down and had a lesson! Our paintings were terrible! LOL

This is my Granny Green! Isn't she cute?!
This is Granny and Mason trying to learn a magic trick!
This is Mason holding my Dad's football plaque. Granny is telling Mason about how his Papa used to play football! She can still remember everything about his football years.
We stayed in Titusville for about 5 days and then made our way to Oklahoma. I was supposed to go to a family reunion in the middle here, but I was given the wrong dates! So we had to move on to Oklahoma!
Sorry my pictures are all messed up with the captions! I'm so sick of trying to make it the way I want! I guess I've forgotten how to blog! In the preview everything is right.... the next one willbe better!

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