Thursday, July 23, 2009

We traveled from Titusville, FL to Checotah, Oklahoma! This was a 20 hour drive! We split it into 2 days and drove about 10 hours each day. My car was amazing! I think I spent $63.00 in gas! We are having a little trouble fitting all the things we accumilate along the way in my little hatchback, but overall, it's a great car!

We stopped in Biloxi, Mississippi to get a hotel and soon realized the entire area was booked! I was a little panicked, but we drove north up to Hattiesburg and got an amazing room there. You know me and my hotels! This was an excellent deal! The room was originally like $140 and we got it for $70, thanks to our wonderful military discount:) We had a great nights' rest along with our new pet turtle that Papa Glen (My dad) found for us! Once we reached Oklahoma, Mason and his cousin, Garrett, let it go! I think it was because Mason didn't want to clean it's bowl! LOL.

*I forgot to mention before... In Florida, Mason caught his first fish! *And Papa Glen gave him his first BB gun. Papa Green had to show Mason HIS BB gun:)

Okay... Back to the story...

We decided to go camping on Friday night at Dam Side South on Eufaula Lake. The weather was awesome and I didn't want to leave! Here are some pictures of that.

To be continued... I ran out of time today! I will try my best to keep blogging though! :)

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