Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In hopes of blogging regularly ...

One of the days here in Virginia, I saw a hybrid cab called ECO CAB! I had to take a picture! Go Prius!
I'm still loving my car (2010 Toyota Prius)! People ask me about it all the time... It's like a toy that people are just curious about. It really is as good as I thoughtit would be. It feels like I never get gas. I go about 2 1/2 weeks without ever stopping at a gas station. The trip from here to Oklahoma (for gas) was about $60. If only it would make the trip shorter. It was 20 hours.
I'm late scheduling my oil change and need to do that. I've already driven almost 6000 miles! Even if we are able to adopt Baby Boy, I'm still keeping it. I really look at automobiles as they shold be looked at now... a source of transportation. If there was a bigger auto that was hybrid and got the same MPG, I would consider it. But this car is awesome!
Just trying to get in the habit of blogging again. I will soon have my stuff and be organized and I want blogging to become part of my new routine here. It's been hard to blog lately. So here is my best effort! I will even look at the Friday photo shootout blogs and try to have something to post! I haven't participated in that in months now! I miss taking pictures!

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Barry said...

Congratulations on the Prius! I would love to own one of those!

Looking forward to seeing you back on the Friday shoot outs.