Monday, August 24, 2009

New Page!!

Okay, I changed my page because nobody could comment. I don't know why those layouts do that. They only work for a few months and then it's OVER. So I'm going to revert back to the boring blogger page.

I found out today that our household goods have been here since the beginning of August! I was about to rage, but I just didn't for some reason. I'm just so glad that it IS here and I get on Thursday. I haven't been blogging much because my routine has gone to crap! I dont have a router and I hate sitting in an empty office to post pictures. There just seems to be no motivation in doing that. So, soon I will be back to blogging like normal. AND I'll have my big computer! This little thing is so on my nerves. It makes me dizzy! So anyway, now my peeps can leave comments - which may inspire me to blog even under my 'horrible' conditions;)

Off to do laundry!

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Anonymous said...

This is really cool, I had no idea you did this. It seems to be a great way for distant family and friends to "see" your life. I will have to learn more about this. Glad you are close, Jenny