Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 439 Without Furniture

Okay, So it hasn't been that many days without furniture... but it feels like it. I can't wait to get our stuff. I didn't think I would mind it so much. But now that everything has calmed down and my life doesn't revolve around work people in and out, I'm BORED!

Yesterday we went to the Cinema Cafe in the Mall here. It was really cool! We watched Night at The Museum 2. It was fun, but I still had that overwhelming feeling of BOREDOM. I think I need some adult time. I also think I need my HUSBAND to come HOME!
A few days ago, I saw that a friend of mine from Auburn (13 yrs ago) was on Facebook. I quickly read over her info and realized that she might be HERE in VA! I was so glad to talk to her. Our kids are so much older now. Her son is 16 and driving now! I can't believe it! So we spent a few hours on the phone catching up and tomorrow we're going to their house to hang out and swim in the pool. I can't wait! It was so nice to find her here.
This morning I started The Firm. I have really wanting to start exercising and my friend Amy was very encouraging in a recent post on Facebook about her workouts. So today was great! I feel really good- I'm sure tomorrow I will be CRYING because it was an intense workout. It says that I don't have to start with weights, but it was weird to not have weights, so I used them... HAHA. I'll feel it tomorrow!
I've been in contact with the company that shipped our stuff and things seem to be moving (literally) very slowly. I just hope that I can get everything and unpack it all by the time Daniel gets home so life will seem back to normal. Daniel found out that when he gets here, he DOESN'T have to go out to see right away. The trip was canceled! So now he gets to take leave from the boat to here and I can't wait!!!! It feels longer than the 6 month deployment. He's just missed so much. He has a new house, a new car, new area to live in, etc. We've also waited for this for SO long! Can we freeze time once he gets here? '
Friday Shootout Peeps- I will be back to posting soon.
Ally has a pool party for cheer today. I volunteered to be the social coordinator! I hope Mason and I can hit the beach today while she's there. We'll see. I took amazing photos of the beach the other day and LOST THEM ALL! I don't know how that happened! I was so mad. They were actually pictures to frame and put in my house! Black & Whites too! I hate it! So maybe I can get more today.
Toodles! I'm off to check up on all of you now!

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