Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Day... And I still blogged! Sweet!

Today was productive and long. We left right after the kids this morning to run errands. We had to go pick up Daniel's new uniforms (the blue and black ones) from the NEX, pick up my car from getting the oil changed yesterday, go to the Farmer's Market, go to a butcher, and finish the garage! AND WE DID IT ALL!
*Since Daniel wants to take crazy pictures ALL THE TIME- I can't EVER get a good one-... Here he is! Tomorrow he'll be 33... HA! more like 11! HAHAHA.

I hung a rack by the door for brooms and such and a strip that you can add hooks to. I'm using the top one for helmets and coats in the winter.
This one is underneath and it's for Mason's basketballs and footballs.

We got this fridge from a friend a long time ago and we use it in the garage for drinks and platters. I'm really on the fence about keeping it... Above Daniel's tool bench we installed another strip and then attached small bins for screws and small things! I still don't have everything in bins, but that is coming! With labels and ALL!

We also still have some things to throw out. We'll have a little more room after that too.

Two cars and we can even OPEN the fridge! Sweet! I love an organized room!
Ally had an away game tonight. It feels like she's been gone forever. She's really loving school and cheering though:)
I put Mason in public school this year and his teacher is the most incredible teacher I have ever met! He seriously goes above and beyond for his kids! I couldn't be happier with this years school experience. Mason even told us tonight that his teacher said he was getting to be very responsible and more like an adult! We love Mr. Adler!
I also decided to start school again and hopefully finish my teaching degree! I've been printing our papers and stuff tonight. I'm excited to start again, but scared of how much time it will take up. But I'm much happier busy so I'm sure it'll be fine. I just don't want to slack on anything else that I have going on with Ally's cheering and Mason's school and soon enough... basketball. NOT TO MENTION my new found love for college football!
Daniel goes to work in the morning... and it's his birthday! Happy Birthday Daniel! I love you!

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

Ooooh! Everything looks great! You and I both love to organize! How fun! It looks like everything there is going awesome! Tell the family hello for me! And Happy Birthday to Daniel!