Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Milk, Football, Grass, and Babysitting

Go GHS JV Football!

Last week, we finally got grass! It's been raining a lot so it set the grass people behind. They came and delivered the pallets and rolled it all out and now we have a yard. Our neighbors JFK the across street (they haven't moved in yet) stopped closing on their house until their grass was down. I guess it made everyone a little upset so they only put exactly what was needed in their yard and gave the extra to us!!! So we got like 6-8 feet deep section of our yard done for free! Daniel had to move their sprinklers around in return, but I think it was well worth it!

This is our new yard! How we've missed green grass! Mud is fun, too... all the tracking in dirt and mud... I'll miss it! JK.

I've met many of my neighbors and they are all great! Julie, she moved here about the same time we did, has 4 kids. One is Mason's age and so they play after school a lot. I'm so thankful for that. Mason has been needing a good friend to play with. She also has another son, John, he's autistic and one more son that's about 6 too. This is her only little girl. She's 20 months and her name is Erica. The kids have had lots of appointments with getting ready for school and all, so I've watched her a few times. She is so sweet! She helps me do whatever I'm doing and just hangs our with us. Since she has 3 brothers, I think she's pretty mellow!

We went to the Grassfield HS JV football game last night. Since I've been getting into football this year, it was a blast. Ally cheered her little heart out and we won! I can actually follow plays now and cheer at the appropriate time:). Daniel is loving my new found love for football.

And last, but not least... I got my milk delivered this morning! Glass containers that they reuse! It costs a little more than milk at the store, but it's all natural, from local farmers, supposed to taste better from glass, and you can reuse the glass containers! We are also looking for a local butcher. Daniel found one that I think we will check out today. I'm trying to cut out the actual grocery store all together. There is a produce stand about a mile down the road that sells home grown tomatoes, potatoes, onions, watermelon, etc. I'm going to buy from him soon too!

Okay, now I'm off to buy season tickets for Busch Gardens! I've been to Howl-O-Scream before and it's a BLAST! Now we can go with all of our visitors! This year they also have a Christmas Celebration too! That will be awesome!

Support your local businesses!

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

Your new life is sounding AWESOME! Yeah for you guys!