Monday, October 12, 2009

Making Homemade Vanilla Extract!

A friend of mine from the Bremerton, Joanne, gave me this idea for Christmas gifts this year! I looked up some recipes on the internet and started ordering my supplies. I ordered the vanilla beans from Amazon. I ordered small 4 oz amber bottles and lids from a place on the internet. Daniel and I went to the package store and got some cheap Vodka! I'm not sure if the quality of vodka matters very much ... time will tell.

So I got the beans and the bottles in the mail on the same day and started my little project. I split the beans with a knife.
I didn't take pictures of the bottles, but here is a picture I got from the internet. These are exactly like mine.

A little for me, too! JK! As we all know, I can't drink ... I'm allergic!

So now the beans are in the bottle of Vodka "extracting" for 2 months. Everyday we have to "shake the bottle vigorously" for 30 seconds. I'll take pictures once it's finished and I put it in the little bottles. I'm going to make my own stickers with my printer to label the bottles and give them to my neighbors for Christmas! I know! How cute, right? Thanks Joanne! Feel free to steal my idea as long as you don't live in my n'hood! LOL.