Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A New Routine

I've been busy with some projects:) The first picture is 3 canvases that I painted. The second is a wash cloth from out bathroom against a design I TRIED to copy onto a canvas! NOT HAPPENING! The 3rd picture is just some flowers I'm going to plant. The canvases ended up getting a basic and very SIMPLE circle stamp! I'll take pics once I have my bathroom finished. It seems like my projects turn into way too much. I'm trying to get our master bath all cute. But for what I want, it gets so expensive! I'm waiting to buy this set of shower stuff at BB&B. It's a set that will enclose the tub so that it feels all cozy. I did these canvases, and then saw another thing I wanted to do instead. It's the wall art/transfer words. You can put "RELAX" on your wall, or a whole phrase. It's really cute. So we'll see about that:) But the colors of the canvas are the colors of our bathroom! If my friend, Laurie was here she could totally paint that design for me! It looks easy ... but I failed miserably! LOL
So I'm trying to get into my own new routine. I started school this week and I started walking for 30 minutes in the morning time. Our treadmill makes a breaker pop upstairs every time I try to use it, so I'm just walking outside. This morning was pretty COLD! Our high for today is 57! I can't believe it! So anyway, I hope to get up, go on a walk, come home have coffee/devotional time. Then start my school work and NOT work past 1PM. Then I still have 2 hours before Mason gets home from school to do anything I need to do. I'm trying to ONLY work on school from M-F so that I have weekends with the family. I think this keeps me on a pretty good schedule. We'll see how it goes.

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