Monday, October 19, 2009


On Sunday we went to pick out our super pumpkins! Every year we get pumpkins and carve them to enter a contest that our friends have been having for several years now ... maybe 8 years or so. The rules are that you can't use stencils or anything like that to help with the carving. It has to all be completely original! I think I have an idea for mine this year! Our friend, Lisa, once did a Prada Pumpkin! It was hilarious!
This will be Daniel's first year home for Halloween in about 5 years I think! That last one I remember him being home for was in Charleston when I wrecked my motorcycle! Yep- I wrecked on Halloween! I was so sore, I didn't take the kids out.
So my new routine is not going as swell as I had expected. There are still so many things to get used to with everyone's new schedules. I am such a creature of habit! I've declared Monday My DAY OFF! I never get a day off! I'm going to prepare turkey burgers and frozen potato wedges for dinner and call it good! I've read a little for school work and "PLANNED" for the week! Ally has cheer comp coming this weekend!
Off to enjoy the rest of my Monday!

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