Monday, October 19, 2009

Who took my Kodak moments?

Hawaii Rainbow

I've recently been wanting to take pictures! I haven't really taken good pictures in a long time. A great thing about Hawaii was that there was always great photo moments! Daniel was gone a lot, so I was always documenting something or just taking pictures for fun. I haven't done much of that here and I miss it. I think in the morning, I'm going to go on a walk and get some good pictures of the area where I live. It's kind of in the country, so I should be able to get something, I hope.

I haven't even been into doing the FPSO's (Friday Photo Shoot Out) since I moved. I've got to get back into it all! I hate trying to MAKE a routine! I just want it to happen! I feel very all over the place and like nothing is as it should be. I think it's because I'm used to Daniel being gone and I had so much free time before. I got used to being alone and now I miss it sort of. It's crazy that I'm still adjusting to the move and everything. It seems like the adjusting should be OVER now!

Noe Noe Girl, if you happen to read this, can you drop a note to tell me what Friday's photo shoot out is? I'm going to TRY this week! I'll look for the next assignment in the meantime. Sometimes it's hard to find;)

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