Saturday, February 20, 2010

Game Night

The church that we found here is so awesome! Daniel and I have recently signed up to be in a class called Sunday discipleship. We got to meet some really great new people at game night to kick off the new class.

We split into groups of guys vs girls. The guys went over the rules and taught us later:)

This is Pastor Brian

I just love his shirt!

II chose 4 cards all on the hard side!

This is Matt acting out some kind of crazy word in the game.

This is my friend Shelly that I've known for 10 years! We met back up with her and Matt when we moved here. It's been just awesome!

The guys did beat us at Guesstures, but we won at Taboo! We had a lot of fun!


Ashley Hlavaty said...

I just love game nights! I'm glad you guys had a blast!

Ashley Hlavaty said...

Is your friend pretending to shave with the Taboo buzzer? We always used to do that when I was a kid. So funny!

Kelly said...

Yes, that's Aimee. I was cracking up because it really sounds like an electric razor.