Sunday, February 21, 2010

Play Date for Charlie!

Today was Charlie's first play date!
My friends Shelly and Matt came over after church for a BBQ and brought their dog, Biscuit!
Daniel took care of the introduction in the front yard.

Biscuit is a beautiful Golden Retriever! Notice Biscuit is paying NO mind to little Charlie! That's why she was a perfect dog for his first play date! Thanks Shelly!

They definately got to be great friends and Biscuit taught Charlie a thing or two about the social dog world. Such as, stop biting my face, it's not cool! LOL. Biscuit had to put Charlie in a his place a couple times! But Biscuit was a great dog for Charlie to be around. I'm learning more and more about the dog world and how dogs interact with each other. Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I'm actually scared of big dogs. But the more I learn, the more I understand what dogs are doing and saying to each other with their body language and bark. Thanks to Cesar Millan, I think our dog will be an awesome dog!

Charlie is watching and learning!

At the end of Charlie's day, he was exhausted. Which meant lots of time for loving our little Charlie! Cesar says to give your dog affection when he's in this calm state so that he's rewarded for his calm and balanced state of mind! And I must say how awesome it is to love your dog when he's like this!
We had a last minute-throw together- BBQ today after church with two couples, Shelly and Matt and Merideth and Troy! We had a blast and the weather was amazing! We played catch with the football, we played basketball, the kids played, the dogs played, and it was an awesome day! What a great refresher for a great week!

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

Looks like a wonderful day! And I'm glad little Charlie is learning! I wish I could have been there!