Monday, February 01, 2010

Our Snow In Chesapeake!

Here in Chesapeake, VA, We got SNOW! We were all so excited to finally have real snow. Here are some random pictures of our snow and us leaving the house after being snowed in for a 2 days! The snow could not keep us in for another day. We had planned a trip to Williamsburg over the weekend because I've had the travel bug for a month! But this was an experience enough!

Mason was the first brave soul to venture out into the snow.

We've only seen snow like this once when we lived in Bremerton, WA.
Ally missed the fun. She slept over at her friend's house and got stuck there for two days. I don't think she complained though.


Ashley Hlavaty said...

Very cool! We got snow too, but it is up on the mountain! Enough though that Blake is going snowboarding up there this weekend. I love love love your pictures. You really got some awesome shots! I love the b/w of the forest! Nice!

Kelly said...

Thanks ... I also loved the B/W of the trees. :)

Laura Hotchkiss said...

I love all your snow! I'm only a little jealous :)