Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome Home, Charlie Jones!

Drum roll .......

This is our new Puppy! He was a Valentines gift for Daniel and the family! I thought it was a great way to share some LOVE on Valentines Day!

I have done my research for dog breeds and this one seems to be perfect for us! I did buy him at ... a Pet shop! I know ... I feel guilty about it. But I did get all the breeder information and saw pictures of some of the breeder's kennels and everything. The shop has been in business for about 30 years and has had the same manager for 19 years. All of the shop workers have pets themselves from these breeders as well. That made me feel better. So all background info was good and the breeders are not local- because many of the bad breeders are in VA! So ... my little Charlie was drivin in by the breeder himself from Kansas- no flight- no trauma!

I was scared the whole time - although we have agreed to get a dog- this is not how it was supposed to go down. I figured Daniel would freak a little, but he didn't! I couldn't believe it! He has been the MOST ATTACHED to Charlie! He loves him! He didn't even ask me how much I paid for him! It didn't matter because we all fell in love with him instantly!

We're reading this book (below) that has been awesome; Although we didn't do all the things necessary in the beginning for bringing puppy home ... because Charlie was a surprise. I hate that I didn't do it that way, but this is just how it all went down - can't change it now!

I have so much respect for Cesar and what he does with animals and I can't wait to see the result in our little Charlie!

We also ordered a DVD set from Cesar's series that we think will be a great help especially with the kids. It's called Mastering Leadership

So here we go down the road of doggie ownership and it's so FUN! Charlie became part of our "pack" from the start! Oh, we love him! What I keep thinking is ... Charlie's sister is still at the shop and I want her too! :O That's NOT going to happen though! LOL

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Ashley Hlavaty said...

I love you Charlie Jones! Doesn't that sound too cute! I'm so happy for you guys! He looks like a wonderful dog!